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Recycling Concrete

We stockpile broken concrete, bricks and tiles and transform it via the following processes:

  • An excavator using a pulverising attachment breaks the product down to a size suitable for the Jaw Crusher, removing steel with a magnet.

  • The product then passes through a secondary crusher again removing any steel that may have been missed in the first process, reducing the product small enough for screening.

  • The screening process then sizes the material for the sale of different products. Our costs to operate the shredder and crushers are expensive, the surcharge we apply is to help cover costs for the following processes, otherwise it would be uneconomical. Alternatively this waste will become landfill. All materials are tested and certified.

The following three main products are produced:

  • Stabilised Site Access Rock (32mm-80mm)

For use in entances to building sites

  • Recycled 20mm Aggregate

For drainage behind retaining walls, sub-soil trenches etc. where no spec is required.

  • Recycled road base (20mm - 0mm)

For farm roads, driveways, paths etc. where no spec is required

Recycling Green Waste

We stockpile our green waste and produce the three following products using our modern fleet of plant equiment.

  • Firewood

  • Mulch

  • Eco Soil

also offer onsite clearing and shredding services.

For All Enquires Please Contact:-

Greg Stephenson

0428 298 291

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